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Every year thousands of native English speakers travel to South Korea to teach English. Well paid, secure work in one of the most exciting and exotic locations on Earth, now you too can be part of this exciting trend with Oxford English.


In order to register your interest, or if you would like contact from one of our representatives, please complete our Application Form. Alternatively, go to the Teaching English in South Korea section for a brief rundown on what teaching in South Korea entails.

What Is Oxford English Consulting?

Oxford English is an agency specialising in the placement of English teachers in South Korea. Our aim is to be the premier agency for prospective teachers by providing a streamlined application procedure and dedicated support. We offer step-by-step guidance through the application process itself, and will provide consultation as well as electronic and printed materials to help alleviate any concerns associated with living and working abroad.

Thinking of coming to Korea to teach English? The process could not be simpler! We offer a free teacher placement service, and are focused on providing high quality institutions in which to work. All we ask is that you are a native English speaker, born and resident in the UK, and have a graduate degree (in any discipline) from a University. Teaching English in South Korea you can expect a salary in excess of £1000 per month (with a return flight ticket and accommodation paid for) and placement for a minimum period of 12 months.

Teach English in South KoreaSouth Korea is a dynamic and fascinating country, with a rich cultural heritage, which has largely survived the transformation to modernity and blossomed onto the world stage over the past decade. Many commentators have remarked that South Korea is undergoing its 'golden age', characterised by massive economic growth and an increased willingness to be recognised amongst the international community. As part of this coming of age, and to aid with global integration, South Korea is increasingly demanding that its graduate workforce emerge from education with a firm understanding of English.

We think that now is the perfect time to visit this wonderful country and Oxford English is committed to being an active part of this process. Our policies and personal experience serve to make us unique in providing a higher quality service to both the teaching institutions themselves and for prospective teachers who are willing to teach in South Korea or abroad. We ask that you look at Why Oxford English? to see how we provide the most comprehensive service in terms of placement of teachers within South Korea.

If you would like more information about living and teaching in Korea, see the Why Korea? section of the website. Alternatively, use the toolbar at the top navigate the site.