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Why Choose Oxford English?


There are a number of other agencies offering teaching placements in South Korea so why choose Oxford English? Having taught in South Korea ourselves, we have experienced both the positive and negative aspects of working through an agency. The opportunity to teach in South Korea should be exciting and a once in a lifetime experience, and we are committed to making sure this is the case. Vetting all the institutions we work with ensures that you will have the best placement possible, with a fair contract and job security. Focusing our efforts on the city of Ulsan (which you can read about here Quick facts about Korea), we will offer dedicated support from the application process through to your arrival in South Korea.

We are ideally placed to understand both the positives and the shortcomings of many consultancies, and correspondingly are committed to providing a service that makes the application experience as painless as possible. We aim to help you arrive in South Korea with the right teaching job, and to handle the process quickly and with accuracy. With this in mind these are the principle objectives of Oxford English:

Guided ApplicationGuided Application Process

Upon completing an application form one of our representatives will contact you. Having extensive experience of teaching in South Korea, we will offer comprehensive advice as well as allaying any concerns you might have. Should you require assistance we will be available by email or phone.

In order to live and work in South Korea you must obtain an E-2 teachers visa. This is the most difficult (and paperwork intensive) part of the application. But if our step-by-step guide is followed it need not be an obstacle. As always a representative will be standing by to offer advice. Click here for our E-2 Visa Application Guide

Oxford English also requires that prospective teachers have a teaching or TEFL certificate of some kind. If you do not already have one, they are cheap and easy to obtain. Click here for information on the TEFL certification application.

PackageDedicated Support Package

Oxford English believes that as much support as possible is desirable when you are planning on living and working in a foreign location. Not only have our representatives lived through the process (and are therefore able to offer help and advice), they have also been witness to consultancies which have failed to support prospective teachers adequately.

From personal experience we know that many agencies give little regard to teachers once they have arrived in South Korea essentially pushing them out of the airplane with a visa in hand and caring little for where they land or their condition upon arrival. Oxford English seeks to circumvent this shortcoming by providing a comprehensive support package, providing an extensive collection of materials about the city of Ulsan, about teaching, and about South Korea and its culture in general. We will also be able to connect you to the foreign teachers already living in the city, as well as providing details for the various information services available to teachers working in South Korea. The opportunity to live and work in South Korea will be a fascinating and engaging experience and our desire is to make the acclimatisation process as painless as possible.

While not strictly necessary, many foreign teachers find that learning a smattering of 'survival Korean' will help them in the country, and it's amazing how far a few words will go. If required we can provide contact with a company which will provide a range of materials and learning aids to assist you. See our information page to find out more, Before you go.

LocationFocused Location

Oxford English focuses its recruitment efforts in and around the city of Ulsan, the fastest growing city in South Korea. Located in the cultural heartland of Korea, not far from the old 'Silla' capital of Kyong-Ju (described as the 'Kyoto of Korea'), Ulsan provides the perfect balance of amenities, busy city bustle and countryside relaxation. For more information about South Korea and Ulsan see the Why Korea? section of the website.

Oxford English is unique in offering a single location for prospective English teachers. It means we can provide localised support and give you specific information with regards to amenities, shopping, socialising, and anything else that you might require. It also means that we personally know the teaching institutions with whom we consult, and are confident that they are of a high standard and have a good record of supporting foreign teachers.

InterviewThe Interview Process

Oxford English prides itself on obtaining high quality teachers and matching them with high quality teaching institutions. Teaching in South Korea can be a wonderful experience but it is also a responsible and demanding one. We are committed to ensuring that prospective teachers we refer to Korean academies are of sound character, background and education, and are firm in their desire to teach in South Korea. As such we follow a basic interview process which must be completed prior to becoming registered to teach English in South Korea. This includes referencing from previous places of employment and/or education, as well as a simple telephone interview (carried out in an informal manner). This is in addition to the standard CRB checks which are part of the E-2 Visa application.

The positive aspect of this for prospective teachers is that we apply similar diligence to our choice of teaching institutions. Whilst the vast majority of teaching academies in South Korea are reputable some are not. We will go to great lengths to ensure, as much as is possible, that your prospective employer has a good track record and can be expected to treat you fairly. The focused location offered by our consultancy means that we will often personally know the teaching academy in question.

We feel that honesty and transparency are the hallmarks of our company. While other agencies might require slightly less paperwork in order to find a teaching placement, Oxford English believes in applying closer scrutiny to both teacher and institution. A little extra paperwork and time spent now can make all the difference and ensure that both the teaching Institution and the teacher placed find the employment situation agreeable and the experience a pleasurable one.

If this exciting opportunity appeals to you, please go to our Application Page & Apply Now. Within a short space of time, you could be winging your way to South Korea, and embarking on a life changing experience.