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TEFL Courses

If you do not already have prior teaching experience, a TEFL course offers an ideal way of preparing yourself for a teaching role. Not only will it provide you with some of the tools necessary for your new job, but it will also increase your level of confidence and understanding and make you more marketable as a teacher. While not all Academies in South Korea currently insist on TEFL certification, the situation is changing and it is likely that it will become law in the future.

Having undergone a training course you will be a more attractive prospect for potential employers and will be able to obtain a more favourable working contract. Finally, in terms of our company and the service we have set out to provide, we feel that a teaching qualification gives you the best possible chance of succeeding as a teacher, and enjoying your employment and the experience of working in a foreign country.

Oxford English therefore recommends that you use Norwood English, a respected and well established distance learning consultancy, and specifically their ‘120 Hour TEFL/TESOL certification’.

Please take a look at their website, linked below, for more details of the course and what it involves.

Oxford English has an agreement with Norwood English whereby any applications made through our website will receive more than a 10% discount on the established price (£130 compared to £145).


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Please note that as part of your application (which requires either prior teaching experience or TESL/TEFOL certification) we will also accept certification from any other recognised teacher training school, providing that proof of the completion of the course can be provided. You are not obliged to take this specific course offered by Norwood English.

Next: If you have signed up for a distance learning course, or already have the required experience or qualification, please see our Applications and Placements page to read about the next steps you need to take in order to get started!