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Before You Go / General Advice

If you have already contacted us, and want to prepare your application, the first thing you should do is look at our Applications and Placement page. The usual application time (between first applying and actually travelling to Korea) is around 2 months, but you should start collecting the documents you will need using the checklist on that page so that they are ready when requested. Note that some documents, such as your University transcripts, may take several weeks to arrive so it is important to begin as soon as you are able.

Become acquainted with Ulsan and South Korea by reading the printed and electronic literature we have provided. We will endeavour to place you in contact with the existing network of English teachers in your locality via Facebook and internet forums, and they (along with Oxford English) should be able to provide you with any information you require.

MoneyEnsure that you have access to enough money to live for 4 or 5 weeks and until you receive your first paycheck. Although the costs of living in Korea are lower than those of the UK it is recommended that you travel with not less than £300-£400 in available funds.


Bring a travel adaptor for any electrical goods you take. Korea uses the same 220V system as the UK, but uses a ‘2 prong’ plugs similar to those used in most of Europe. You can obtain these adaptors easily from any number of high street or internet retailers, such as Homebase.

TravelAlthough these days an increasing number of Koreans are able to speak English, why not learn a few phrases in the native tongue before you go? It’s amazing how far a few select words will get you, and locals will respond well to your efforts. There are a number of great websites out there, we recommend the official Korean tourism website, Travel to Korea, or Korean Class 101, both of which offer a free service.

Consider obtaining travel insurance prior to your departure. Insurers such as Endsleigh and the Post Office offer specific policies for working overseas for 12 months. Korea only has a limited state health welfare system, but your employer will be obliged to provide medical insurance for you while working in Korea as part of your contract.

If you require any more information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contacts Page.

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