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Street Scene Productions

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‘I couldn’t turn it off’!
UK Street Racing Legend Andy Harris

Oldskool Rules!
Mark The Detroit Domestic Crew USA

Deano, from Henrys Crew, is the Man!
Chris Walker Toronto Canada

The North End Cruisers USA

Pommy Hoons- Bring It On!
Victoria Hoon Crew Australia

Street Racers Should Have Their Cars Crushed And Thrown In Jail!
Deputy Sherriff xxx Texas  USA
(Thanks for buying my books Deputy lol - Dean Rinaldi)

Henrys Crew Rule!
The Midnight Crew – Japan

Pinto! I want a Ford Escort Like Kenny’s!
Peter – Warsaw Poland

Make Henrys Crew a Film!
The Bay Rice Rockets - Hong Kong

Pinto! Was Bloody Brilliant!
HPE Motor Sports- Jeff Harris - UK

Can’t Wait For The Next Book!
Tammy Walker – Miami USA

The Best Listening Books Ever!
Declan – Belfast Northern Ireland

Henrys Crew is Awesome!
Kristi Kay – Washington USA