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About Street Racing

Street Racing

Street racing is an illegal motor racing sport in which two driver’s race between two set points on public roads. This can be a spontaneous race between two cars from a set of traffic lights or more commonly a highly organised event. Racers use technology to play cat and mouse and to stay one step ahead of law enforcers. Cars, during a drag race, can reach speeds of up to 160MPH!

The thriving society attracts both males and females from almost every country around the world, with drivers and fans ranging from 15 to 75 years of age. A typical, organised, street racing event could involve between a few hundred and a thousand people. In Toronto Canada as many as two thousand racers and fans have been recorded. Racing commences, almost always, after midnight, with initial meetings taking place at fast food diners.

There are distinct fractions and culture splits amongst street racers. For example: In the UK the scene is made up of ‘Cruisers or Modders’, extreme winged modern, highly tuned cars i.e. Honda’s, Nissan etc and ‘Oldskool’ modified classic cars i.e. 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s Fords.

In the United States the scene is dominated by ‘Domestics’, traditional American Muscle, Mustang, Dodge and Chevy and ‘Imports’ Honda and Nissan. These are also known as Rice Rockets or Rice Racers. The Hoons (street racers) in Australia favour locally built Holden, Fords Falcons  and Japanese Imports.

Street Racing 2The common thread is the appeal to tune, customize and modify a car. Some race to prove their skill as a driver or to demonstrate how well they can race tune a car. Others are attracted to the strong sense of belonging, to be part of something exciting and meaningful. It’s an escape to a life beyond school, work, paying taxes, a mortgage and household bills. The key attractions can be the powerful, addictive, adrenalin rush from racing and the belonging to a society where honour, money and respect are more than empty words.

Originating in the United States during the prohibition era Street Racing attracts many millions of racers and fans. It has become a global phenomenon and continues to grow at a rapid pace. The Brotherhood of Street Racers (US) alone has over one million members!  In addition to the westernized cultures like the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States illegal street racing is becoming increasingly common in many emerging regions. In particular Eastern Europe, South Africa, South America, Russia the Middle East and most recently China!