DJATOM Website Services Celebrates 10 Years In Business 2004 - 2014

DJATOM Web Serv 10 Years Celebration >>

2000: DJATOM was a conception at the turn of the Millennia and an alias created by James Jackson to assume his passion for creating music at that time as a DJ AT hOMe / aka DJATOM.


2004: We initially set up this website on 21/07/04 to showcase the music which was developed using eJay Music Creation Software which James produced from the year 2000 until 2007.

You can listen to some of this music and read our Biography on how we got started in Music through our page - >>


2005: The highlight of the music creation phase was when we were approached by Ivan Myslikovjan - alto saxophone, producer, composer to create a duo track after being mistaken for a DJ playing in Ibiza at the time. Once Identities were established DJATOM was humbled and we decided to still create a music collaboration.

More Information and Music by Ivan M is available at his website - >>

After achieving music success with the track ‘Year 5005’ a collaboration with Ivan M Sax and DJATOM in 2005/2006 the focus shifted to an emerging passion, websites…


2006: Our first client website launch was for Dawn Kendrick Author back in 2006 who had just released her first book in a three part series and was selling on Amazon Online and WH Smith retail stores. At the time the only website she had was a Wanadoo page which was no match for the professionalism achieved in her novel and so we developed a free website for her which is still available to view today - >>


2006-2014: From our humble first website designed with Dreamweaver 4, we increasingly were offered more website work through word of mouth and positive referrals. To this day DJATOM Web Serv maintains a close community of friends and business partners, and our services are offered on an Invitation or referral only basis to maintain the high levels of personality and service that we continue to offer.


2014: Today DJATOM has evolved to become DJATOM Website Services. Its sole Creative Director from the start is James Jackson and he is a freelance individual who provides online web content and design services. Selected clients are offered diverse & unique services which include Visual Creation & Photography, Web Design, Consultancy for Retail, Communications and Technical Support all of which empower their own business needs.

We also create and manage Social Profiles like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages which extend the clients reach beyond their website and offer social interaction. Our services are designed with Adobe® Software to ACITP & W3C® Standards which are powered by Amazon Web Services using a Cloud based data centre in the EU.


WHAT'S NEXT: We are excited to announce the launch of our new website soon to commemorate this milestone so keep an eye on

View our History and Life Events Timeline from 2000 - today here - >>


A FINAL THANK YOU: We would like to personally thank every client that has chosen to work with us in the past and a special thank you to the friends that we've made and that continue to work with us. Ten years has gone by so quick and as we are still evolving, our passion for creativity, service and value is more meaningful than ever.

Here is to the next chapter in DJATOM Website Services and we welcome you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to Create > Enable > Manage > Share


PERSONAL QUOTE: “Be who you can, do what you love, the only way to predict the future is to make it for yourself”

Thank You Sincerely; James Jackson DJATOM Web Serv Founder & Creative Director 2004 – 2014


We will be launching a new website shortly to commemorate this milestone, in the mean time why not view our History and Achievements to date below or Via Our Facebook Page >>



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